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The Block Detergent and Stain Remover Bar

The Block Detergent Bar

Bottle free detergent for dishes and general cleaning!


The Block Detergent and Stain Remover Bar.

Comes in three sizes: small 40g, Regular 80g, Large 160g.

The large bar is 67mm x 87mm x 30mm and the medium is half as tall, and the small is half as wide as medium.

Description: Bottle free detergent for dishes and general cleaning. Use it anywhere you would normally use detergent. It’s a solid block of super concentrated plant based, gentle, detergent – not soap, just pure and gentle surfactants with bicarb soda and Australian eucalyptus lemon essential oil. The ultimate in zero waste and convenience. Palm oil free and readily biodegradable.
  • Simply hold under running water or swipe a few times on a cloth and it lathers and cuts grease like crazy.
  • Swipe a scrubby/sourer over the bar and it works like a cream cleanser.
  • Add a sprinkle of powdered bi-carb soda before scrubbing stains and you will be amazed!
  • Other uses – break off a bit, dissolve in a bottle with water (overnight), strain and use as spray and wipe.

Made from – gentle cleansers, bicarb soda, lemon eucalyptus and orange oil. Gentle on your skin …. gentle on the environment. The orange oil cuts through grease and the orange oil and bicarb make your glasses super shiny. Because the bar is not soap, it will not leave any residue that some sink soap will cause.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl Isethionate (coconut), Sodium coco Sulfonate (coconut), bi-carb soda (sodium bicarbonate), lemon eucalyptus essential oil. (There is no requirement to include an ingredients list for cleaning products – but here it is 🙂 )

NOTE: This bar contains no preservatives, so they must be dried thoroughly between us and stored in a dry environment

The Block Detergent and Stain Remover Bar
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