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Why handmade soap? And why solid shampoo?

It is luxurious and gentle .... on our bodies and our beautiful planet.

The lather is dense and creamy and will not wash away your skin or hair's natural oils. You will feel cleansed, enriched and moisturised.

You care about what goes into your body, so why not pamper the largest organ of your body ... your skin! 

And ... your zero waste journey just got easier! Solid, bar versions of every day products are the way of the future. by replacing plastic bottles with solid versions your life just became easier and plastic free.

Your body, your senses and planet earth will thank you for it :) 


Hand crafted, pure and little works of art!

All products are crafted here in Perth by Narda, the founder and owner of Perth Soapworks and  are created using the finest, good for your skin ingredients.

Vegan, palm oil free, local where possible and only from responsibly sourced, zero cruelty supply. There are no sulfates, petrochemicals, pthalates, preservatives, SLS or silicones, so you can enjoy luxury every day - gorgeous to use, they smell fantastic, are gentle on your skin .... and our world.


The perfect, unique, zero waste gift.

Artisan soaps are little works of art and make the perfect gift. ... for yourself, your house or for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life and the perfect on-trend gift for him.

But be warned ! They so good to use and smell so gorgeous that you wont be able to part with them.

Not just an alternative health product, handmade soap is the solution to gift hunting - for your vegan friends, your fussy mother in law, that baby shower and the perfect family get together .