Your bottle free / zero waste journey just got easier!

Bottle Free Home Products

One bar, multiple uses.

Solid Detergent Bar

This small bar is a powerhouse of cleaning! A quick few swipes over a dishcloth is the same as a squirt from a plastic bottle of detergent.

100% natural and gentle on the skin.

Made with orange & lemon oil, bicarb soda, citric acid and gentle cleansers.

Can also be used in the bathroom and perfect for boats or camping. 


Does it work?

Oh yeh !!

The concentrated bar bubbles instantly from the gentle coconut derived cleansers. The orange oil concentrate helpsdissolve grease and the humble bicarb soda is known for its cleaning ad deodorising. 

How do you use it ? 

Wet bar and rub onto a cloth. Run the tap water over or squeeze cloth to release cleanser. It can also be used as a power cleaner by swiping a scourer or scrubbie over the bar to scrub heavily soiled areas. To make spray & wipe, break off a small piece, soak over night in a little water, strain and use in a spray bottle. Perfect for stove tops as the orange oil will cut grease well. Can also be used for cleaning the bathroom. Perfect for boats or camping

Caring for your bar: Allow to dry thoroughly between uses. This will ensure the longest life and please be aware that no preservatives are used in this product. 


Now meet the new Super Cleaner!


I have just the thing for you and your kitchen and bathroom …. A solid, powerful cleaning bar…. The ultimate in zero waste and convenience! We have all heard how great bi-carb and citric acid are as natural cleaners, so combine this with gentle but powerful cleansers (surfactants) and pure orange oil you have the ultimate cleaning product.

Rub your scrubbie or brush over the bar and it lathers and cuts grease like crazy. Perfect for your kitchen, stove, bathroom and toilet.  

Made from gentle cleansers, bicarb soda, citric acid and orange oil, they are gentle on your skin…. And gentle on the environment. The orange oil and bi-carb cuts through grease and make your glasses super shiny. Because the bar is not soap, it will not leave any residue that some sink soap will cause.

To use: rub on a cloth, scrubbing brush, scrubbie or scourer and use as you would a powder / creme cleanser. 

Other uses: Break off a piece, dissolve in a bottle with water (overnight), strain and use as spray and wipe. (see caution below)

Can also be used in the same way as the detergent bar as it works a treat in the sink as well.

Caution: As is the case with all essential oils, avoid contact with soft plastic and exercise commonsense in use. 

Dishwashing Bar Video

A very quick rough video. If I used a sudsy cloth it would foam a lot more :)