Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Why solid shampoo?


Gentle on your hair, with no SLS, silicones or nasties to drag down your hair or upset your scalp. Just packed with goodness like nettle, oat protein, pro vitamin B5, aloe vera.

Bottle free, zero waste. 

Why pay for water or packaging when you don't need to!

Are all shampoo bars the same?


No, there are several types on the market. Some are modified soap... for the soap lovers :) And others are harsh chemicals squished into a bar... these are great cost savers but can be harsh on the hair and can cause skin irritation.

Are these bars soap?


My shampoo bars are not soap -  they are a combination of mild cleansers (surfactants) that are made from a reaction between coconut oil and sugars (usually from corn). These are combined with hair loving goodies that gently cleanse, condition and smooth the hair. The result is very light, soft hair that is smooth and defined.

What about curly hair and coloured hair?


The cleansers are so gentle that coloured hair is not effected at all. It actually benefits by not stripping away any colour, and the moisturising argan oil, aloe vera, pathenol vit B5 and oat protein enhance and protect the hair.



 " ....but most of all, I love it because I know there are no harsh chemicals in it than can cause me harm, nor do any of the ingredients cause harm to our planet & environment.❣️ Do yourself a favour!"  - QLD customer

 "I can't go back to my old ways. Thanks Narda, my bathroom looks pretty, my skin is happy and my hair is shiny!" - WA customer

Your zero waste journey just got easier!

shampoo bar

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