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Oval Soap Dish

Oval Soap Dish

Stylish yet particle


Oval Soap Dish

These lovely Oval-shaped soap dishes look great in any designer bathroom. They contain 4 black rubber feet, making it non-slip. It has three holes in the middle of the dish allowing your handcrafted soap to drain in between use.

Using a soap dish offers several benefits:

  • Keeps Soap Dry: A soap dish helps to keep your bar of soap dry between uses, which can help prolong its life. Dry soap lasts longer and is less likely to become mushy.
  • Prevents Soap Scum: By keeping your soap elevated and allowing it to dry properly, a soap dish can help prevent soap scum from forming on surfaces.
  • Reduces Waste: With a soap dish, you can use up the entire bar of soap without it breaking or becoming too small to handle, reducing waste.
  • Organizes Your Bathroom: A soap dish keeps your soap in one place, preventing it from leaving residue on countertops or sinks.
  • Hygienic: A soap dish can help keep your soap clean and free from bacteria that may be present on surfaces.
  • Decorative: Soap dishes come in various designs and materials, adding a decorative touch to your bathroom or kitchen.

Overall, using a soap dish is a simple yet effective way to keep your soap dry, clean, and organized, while also reducing waste and adding a decorative element to your space.

Material: Beechwood

Dimension: 135mm L x 95mm W x 20mm D


Oval Soap Dish
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