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About Us


About me

Hi, I'm Narda. I am Fremantle born and have been making my own body products since the early 80's. I have always been concerned about the amount of chemicals and packaging that we are supposed to accept as normal, that appear in and on our food and household products. 

So I swapped chemicals for nourishing ingredients and packaging for solid versions of everyday products such as beautiful soap, shampoo (soap free), detergent, deodorant and more.

This is important, but I also love creating beautiful things! 

I suppose being the daughter of a painter and art teacher, and taking that career path myself early on in life, I have been lucky to be able to create, make, renovate, invent, sell and give my creations my whole life.


Why do I want to make soap?

Soapmaking can be so creative and the possibilities are endless-the luxurious ingredients, the colours, the designs and the smell ! 

I get inspiration from the things around me … flowers, trees and the ocean, which is my favorite. Being able to create something that is as beautiful as it is practical, is exciting! And when that product is zero waste, gentle on the environment, vegan, luxurious and skin nourishing, I want to shout it out and share it :) 


So what is in our soap ?

I have worked tirelessly to design a recipe that contains only the best natural ingredients and no palm oil or animal products. Many are imported from America or I buy locally so I know where they come from and exactly what is in them and importantly, how they are produced.

Simply put, soap is oil mixed with an alkali and water. This causes a chemical reaction which magically turns it into soap. 

It is this simplicity that makes soap a much better option for you and your family's health.